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Gower, Missouri, USA
Located South of Saint Joseph, Missouri about 15 miles on Hyway 169 or North of Kansas City, Missouri about 30 miles on Hyway 169. Meeting on the Town Square across from the park.
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Dedicated to preserving and promoting Old Time, Traditional, Country, Bluegrass, and Gospel Music.

    Contrary to what the speed limit sign says, at the Goodtimer's show every Friday night at 7:00 P.M.,Gower Speed there are no speed limits---on the stage that is. You might hear a waltz or maybe an Irish jig, or reel, but you'll definetly hear some of the finest traditional Country, Gospel and Bluegrass music around. And at the right price, FREE! That's right, the Goodtimers are a non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Missouri 1989. We believe in having good old fashioned, down home, wholesome fun, food and entertainment for the entire family. Therefore we want everyone to enjoy themselves. All the food is provided by volunteers potluck style. The Goodtimers do accept donations but we don't pass the "hat". If you'd like to donate a dollar or two, there is a donation box near the kitchen that you can drop it into.

    The Goodtimers are a "family" of amateur musicians and fans. We not only perform every Friday night, but perform for other occassions as well. Click here to view our other activites, such as our Annual Chicken Dinner, our Annual Campout and other places where we entertain.

    To find out more about us and our "family", click here.

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Please refer information to: The Goodtimers.  If you encounter a problem or error with one of our web pages, please send notice to the  "WebMaster."

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 Created June 7,1998
updated November  2009